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For turbocharged cars the purpose of a catch can is incredibly important. The catch can should work to prevent blow by of oil which could lead to situations of coating intercooler hoses, causing them to slide off under boost, coating the fins inside an intercooler which drastically decreases its efficiency and ultimately end up cooking inside your turbo. In addition, you don?t want any blow by on your pistons either. Catch cans do this, a catch can works by having one line of high quality hose that can withstand heat and enormous pressure created by the engine, running from the PCV valve into one inlet on the catch can. From there, it goes into a tube  and past a filter.
Direct fit catch cans to suit all BA BF FG falcons. Made from laser cut aluminium, tig welded and powder coated ripple black with Aeroflow shielded filters. Internally channeled to separate oil and crankcase gasses.

Simply bolts under the expansion tank mount and plumb up hoses.

What's in the box:
?BA BF FG catch can with 9mm fittings
?Aeroflow filter with clamp
?3/8 hose

These catch cans are available in 2 different configurations

Steet/Strip - 2 x 3/8 hose
Racing version -  2 x 10AN fittings

Benifits of fitting our Catch Cans.
?No oil contamination in the intercooler
?Cleaners combustion
?Eliminate oil in instake and turbocharger
?Rewashable filter.



Catch Can Kits
Kits contain:
?Genuine Aerflow filter breater
?Catch can

?3/8" hose
?All mounting and hardware bolts

BA BF FG Catch cans:  $POA

For more info, call us on (03)8781 0500 or send an email to:

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