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A common problem on Ford falcons and Territories is cracked on worn rear bushes. When the bushes are cracked you will notice noisy rear of the car and or knock or a thud is felt through the back of the car. The life of the bushes is often shortened and they will wear and crack earlier if you regularly put extra load on the bushes from increased horsepower due to drag racing or spirited driving. Replacing the bushes is a labour intensive job as the whole rear end of the car has to be removed.

Here at XR6 Turbo Developments we have tested all available replacement diff bushes on the market and have found a bush kit that we can offer a lifetime warranty with. Never again will you need to change you diff bushes.

Benifits of fitting our tdiff bushes.
•Increased comfort
•Increased reliablilty
•Reduced noise and viabration
•Lifetime warranty



For more info, call us on (03)8781 0500 or send an email to:

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