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All our Dump pipes and assemblys are engineered with performance, quality and value as our primary goal. Through countless hours of R&D our systems are DYNO & ROAD TESTED FOR PROVEN IMPROVED PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY. We are able to maximize power and torque gains throughout a broad power band, while maintaining reasonable sound levels for street use by retaining all factory emissions equipments, such as mufflers and  resonators. All systems are designed for DIRECT BOLT-ON PERFECT FITMENT to the stock catcback flanges to provide simple installation with perfect fit and long term durability.

Benifits of fitting our dump pipe and cat upgrades.
Improved power
•Increased torque
•Sharper acceleration
•Factory appearance
•High flow rate



4" Direct replacement stainless dump pipe with 5" high flow cat systems!
Kits contain:
•Stainless steel 4' dump pipe
Stainless Steel 5" cpsi catalytic converter
•All mounting hardware

For more info, call us on (03)8781 0500 or send an email to:

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