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Valve springs are one of the weekneses of any Falcon XR6 Turbo engine. All faclons and FPV turbos will at some stage suffer from valve float. Ford OEM valve springs are quite weak, even a small loss of tension can can cause valve float. Valve float is the valve staying open when it should be closed. This is caused by pressure on the back of the intake valve keeping the valves open. Weak valve springs will typically cause misfiring and a loss of power as engine speed increases. The engine may start and idle fine, or run normally up to 3500 to 4000 RPM. But at higher rpms, it may misfire and lose power because the valves are weak and are starting to float. Once the engine has returned to idle a miss fire will also be present for upto half a minute.

Benifits of fitting our valve psrings.
?Improved power
?Increased torque
?Sharper acceleration

Crow Cams VTKBA6T-24 Race Series Valve Spring & Retainer Kit
?Installed Height - 1.520"
?Installed Pressure - 105
?Pressure @ .5 Lift - 205
?Max Lift - .600"
?Spring Retainers included - Yes, 10703
?Kit contains 24 x springs & retainers.
Crow Race Valve Springs  BA BF-FG: $POA fitted


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